Black History Timeline - Abolition to Civil Rights Movement - 3 Poster Set

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It would be impossible to list all of the important persons and events of the progression from enslavement to civil rights in a three poster series, but we gave it a shot. From the beginnings of the American abolition movement to the Civil Rights Act of 1968, this poster highlights seminal moments in Black History as well as the important people and leaders who made and changed history. In short, we used about every square inch available and could have added several feet to the 9 feet of posters we are offering here.

Three 24" x 36" posters available plain paper or laminated.

Important moments in American Black History from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century displayed in a visually stimulating presentation certain to prompt discussion.

We have carefully researched and designed this poster series to educate as well as inspire curiosity. Extra-large size and subject matter command attention in any classroom or library. 

Our reproductions are printed on heavy stock matte paper, using post-consumer and sustainably sourced paper and high quality, fade-resistant inks.

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*Carefully wrapped in kraft paper, then rolled into a sturdy tube to prevent damage during shipping.

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