Oxford Comma - Letter Press Style Quote Canvas Art Print w/Hanger for Home, Classroom or Library

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"You can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands," Clever Inspirational Quote

An inspiring and poignant quote perfect for classroom, nursery, library, or home.

Letter Press Style design by Jeanne.

Our 11" x 14" canvas print comes with a 13" inch walnut magnetic hanger.

Echo-Lit, LLC 2019

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2 Reviews

Lisa Long 8th Jan 2020


I love the quote. I think the hanger is so interesting, and it makes a great decoration for an office!

Didi 13th Sep 2019

Hilarious and Super Cool

Hilarious quote! I was surprised at the quality of the hanger and canvas paper. The canvas adds such a nice touch. Will be keeping this in my office for a very long time.

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