What Were Famous Authors Doing in 1920?

What were the greats, the favorites, and the talented authors of the 1920`s up to in the namesake year? The decade brought on a plethora of cultural, economic, and literary shifts that produced a new wave of authorship. Here at Echo-Lit, we have created a list of events that take readers back in time and put into the perspective the lives and works of prominent authors of the era. More than just flappers, prohibition, and jazz, the roaring twenties allowed artists an opportunity to create new styles, new narratives, and new ways of life. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Marries Zelda Sayre (who previously called of the engagement)

- Publishes This Side of Paradise

- Achieves Ultra Star Fame 

 (Central High School, Cleveland, 1919-1920)

Langston Hughes

- Graduates from high school in Cleveland, Ohio

- Spends the year with his father who lived in Mexico

- Hughes' poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" appears in The Crisis magazine

Virginia Woolf

- Publishes The Voyage Out

- Writes a brilliant letter to The New Statesman to combat their sexist claims

- Woolf and friends create the Memoir Club to share their autobiographies

Ezra Pound

- Publishes the 18-part poem Hugh Selwyn Mauberley 

- Leaves London after a 12 year stay for a fresh start in Paris

- Publishes Umbra: The Early Poems of Ezra Pound

Edith Wharton

- Publishes her Pulitzer Prize winning work The Age of Innocence

- Acquires Château Ste.-Claire, a restored convent in southern France

- Publishes In Morocco detailing her trip there during WWI