American Literary Timeline 1750-1849 - Educational History and Literary Poster

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The first in a series of three Literary Timeline posters that colorfully depict the progression of American literary works in three ways. The poster's top portion is a grouping of portraits of some of the top authors of the era including: Ben Franklin, William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allan Poe and Herman Melville. The midsection of the poster is a book shelf holding some of the era's top titles and their publication dates including: "Common Sense," "The Sketch Book," "Thanatopsis," and "The Raven."  The shelf provides a graphic approximation of the prevailing literary trend. Also included at the foot of the poster is a brief history timeline that hits the highlights and provides context. These posters are huge, so make room on your walls or buy all three and hang them over your blackboard. 

One 18" x 48" laminated poster.

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2 Reviews

Jamie 18th Aug 2019

Timeline Poster

This poster is visually appealing, and does a great job of showing the literature and authors of this time period!

Tana 28th Jan 2018

Literary Timeline

Love the setup of this timeline!

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